Up-to-date membership application and renewal forms can be found using the link below

                                                                    Westfield Membership Forms 2022

We meet at Muirhouse Farm, adjacent to Strathblane Falconry on the A81 just outside Strathblane. Follow the farm track and park on the right-hand side. A red flag, indicating shooting in progress, will be flying at the club entrance.

Visitors and prospective members can contact us via the club’s Facebook Page to arrange a tour and safety induction session. Alternatively, club officers are usually present on a Sunday from midday onwards should you wish to visit, but please note that inductions are not available without prior arrangement. If you have arranged an induction, but are forced to cancel for any reason, please contact the club using the same method, giving as much notice as possible. Failure to do so may result in significant delays to any future induction arrangements made with the club.

Your first visit is free, second and third visits cost £10.00 and you will be required to join thereafter if you wish to continue shooting at the grounds. Please be aware that these are the only attendances available to non-members – there is no provision for casual guests or friends and family access.

Membership is annual and runs from 1st June to 31st May, and may be chargable pro-rata with your date of joining (see footnote). For students, senior citizens & juniors (under 18) membership is half price. The membership application form and fee will be explained and provided during your initial visit.

All adult members of Westfield ARC must be licensed. New members must either hold a Scottish Air Weapon Certificate, or apply for and be granted one within the 6 month probationary period for their membership to continue.

The club’s members usually meet on a Sunday from 11am onwards all year round. The club is also available to full members on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

We require photographic identification and proof of address from all new visitors.

Pro-Rata Membership Fees.

The membership fee may be charged pro-rata with your date of joining, if  you are applying as a new member. Deductions are not available to previous members who have allowed their membership to lapse.

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